Marks in manuscripts

This page provides access to some images of the marks of ownership of some important book dealers and collectors of manuscripts, and is intended as an aid to identifying the provenance of books whose history is unknown. (Beyond this, it is also hoped that it will encourage cataloguers to record apparently meaningless inscriptions, which may furnish vital evidence to other researchers). It is not systematic, but reflects personal interest and especially the availability of images.

In some cases the identity of the owner is not in doubt (e.g. when their bookplate includes their name), and in these cases these pages are intended simply to provide convenient references to furhter information, e.g. in de Ricci's English Collectors of Books and Manuscripts.

The page also provides access to some lists of dispersed MSS that were formerly in important private collections or public exhibitions.

Private collectors


Examples of dealers' catalogues

Dispersed MSS

Numerous marks of ownership can be found among the thousands of image available through the Digital Scriptorium, based at Columbia University.

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